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About Us

Our branch has been on the go since 1971. We are one of the approximately 70 branches affiliated to the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club (SSAC, also known as "ScotSAC"), the official governing body of SCUBA diving in Scotland.  Our membership is around 40-50, with a good range of ages, gender, backgrounds and interests.  We are a very active club (have a look at our picture gallery). When the weather is (reasonably) suitable for diving, the Grampian Branch will be in the water! We are a common sight in the local diving sites, and there are  few places in Scotland (particularly in the north) where Grampian Branch members haven't dived. The branch organises local weekend boat and shore diving and numerous longer distance trips every year. To reach a wide range of diving sites, we have two fully fitted  RIB's. We often charter hard boats, when diving from smaller boats is less convenient or not suitable at all.


The branch is defined as a "training branch" in its constitution. Every year we train quite a few new divers and cross-over divers already qualified by other organisations. See the training page for details.


Beyond training towards specific diving qualifications, we organise and/or run a wide range of skill development courses, to make our diving safer and more enjoyable. There is always an emphasis on learning and building on our experience.


If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us (see Contact page),or just pop round after one of our pool sessions (early November to mid March, check web site or use the enquiry form for details) and meet the crowd! Outside the pool season we hold a pub meet at the Inn At the Park every 2nd Wednesday

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