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Shetland and Orkney 31st July-6th August 2016

Reports to follow

Scapa Flow 11-14 November 2016

After Scapa was blown out twice in 2015, this trip saw a welcome return to fine late autumn conditions in the flow, with a full programme of dives off MV Jeane Elaine.

The dives

Friday: Coln II  35m, Desden 35m, Saturday: KPW 35m/Markgraf 40m, Brummer 32m, Sunday: Bayern Turrets 37m, Tabarka 15m (dived on low springs ""slack?""- totally mental dive!!), Monday KPW 36m, Karlsruhe 26m.

Burns Supper 2017: Ratagan 27-29 January

Our 5th year at Ratagan which we have found to be a perfect mid-winter shore diving venue; although this year it felt more like April than January. 25 divers including guests from Caithness and Bo'ness. Most did 4 dives, and plenty of training took place. As well as the sea pen "forest" at 30m on the "house reef", several sightings of skates/thornbacks. Burns supper speeches given by Les (toasting the haggis), Andy (Immortal Memory), Robin (To the lasses), and Berit (Reply for the lasses). Musical accompaniment by the Grampian Kazoo and Swanney whistle orchestra.

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