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Pool  Dates 2022/2023

We have a slot of 19:30-21:15 on Monday nights at the Aberdeen Grammar School pool (7 Nov.-13 Mar.) but due to refurbishment we are using the International School pool (Tue. 20:15-21:30).  NOTE THAT TRAINING SPACES ARE LIMITED  AND THERE IS NORMALLY HIGH LEVELS OF INTEREST.

In addition, Branch and Sport Diver lectures are normally held from 19.30 or 20.00 pm (venue has been the Ruthrieston Community Centre but we continue to deliver many online lately) on weekdays suitable to most students between early Dec. and the end of Mar. (generally 1 evening every couple of weeks).  Students are expected to attend pool and theory sessions.

Anyone interested in learning to dive with us, please get in touch. Please use the Contact form of this website. After the Jan. cut-off, we will keep your details on file for the following year. 


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