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Pool Training and Try-A-Dive

Pool training within Scotsac is designed to familiarise you with scuba diving equipment and its use in a safe and enjoyable environment, and introduce you to the skills that you apply once you get to the sea. Our instruction is on a one-to-one basis with accredited Instructors who are experienced divers within the club. If you are thinking about training with us, please contact us using the contacts form. Many new divers prefer to start with a try-a-dive session. Here you get the opportunity to carry out a short dive in the pool in full scuba kit under close supervision. After this, training begins with a series of swimming and snorkelling exercises before a progressive introduction to scuba equipment and its use. We provide all equipment apart from fins, snorkel and mask (see equipment and costs page). Because our pool season only runs November-March, you normally need to start pool training by January in order to complete all the necessary training that will let you get out into the sea by April.

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