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Open Water Training

The pool training season runs from November to March each year. Normally new divers complete all the necessary pool training exercises by the end of the pool season and then continue their training in the sea. Unlike commercial dive schools, where there is a pressure to "tick off" the various qualifying drills, once you get into the sea in SSAC training, the emphasis is enjoying your diving and completing drills as and when you are ready. After your first few open water dives you will find yourself coming out on the weekly club Sunday dives and will also have the opportunity to come on some of the club trips (some are restricted to qualified divers for safety reasons). As an open water trainee you will gradually develop your skills and confidence. Completion of Scotsac training schedule earns you Branch Diver and then Sport Diver certifications. These are internationally recognised awards that will allow you to dive in our club, other clubs and at dive centres around the world. There is no limit on the time required to complete your basic training. Some trainees complete within 6 months; others take 1-2 years. It really depends on how often you can get out.


Once you qualify as a Sports Diver further training opportunities open up (Master Diver, First Class Diver and a variety of endorsements). These are detailed at the Scotsac training pages.


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