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Joining and Training

Grampian Branch welcomes new divers as well as "cross-over" divers certified by other agencies (e.g. BSAC, PADI, SAA).


New divers start with us during our pool training season which runs from early November to March at the Aberdeen Grammar School swimming pool (Monday evenings1930-2115 h). Pool dates for the coming year are given at this link.  During the pool sessions, trainees are instructed on a one-to-one basis by qualified instructors on various underwater skills, starting by snorkelling and soon thereafter progressing onto the use of SCUBA equipment. After the pool, we generally pop into a nearby pub (The Dutch Mill) for a drink and a chat. Regular theory lectures are normally held in blocks at a suitable location (on weekdays other than Monday, every couple of weeks).

We generally organise try-a-dive sessions, where all equipment is provided, all the way until early December. You need to start before December to be able to complete your pool training by the spring, but if you are a qualified diver or just fancy a try in the pool, do contact us anytime. 


Divers qualified by other organisations can have their qualification converted to a SSAC equivalent on joining our club and following a crossover schedule. We welcome trained divers and we will take into account your level of qualification and your experience. 


More information on learning to dive with the SCOTSAC training schedules is available here.


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